Conference Photographer Rome

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Photographic Events in Rome

Tactful and Professional

Photographic service.  Well dressed and of good personal appearance and manners.  International business photographers.

Confidentiality and discretion

Our professional photographers are reserved and will not disclose private or public information discussed during the conference or meeting.

English mother tongue

Our professionals speak both English and Italian.  It will be easy for you to convey information or conference details.

Punctual and Efficient

Photographic service.  The photographer will be present at the requested time and will stay for your desired duration.

Top Photographic Equipment

Our photographers employ top of the line professional photographic equipment.  The photography service will produce photos of the highest quality.

Fast picture delivery

We try to deliver the highest quality pictures in the shortest time possible.  Including post production processing.

Conference and business event photography in Rome

Conference photography

Prices and rates

Full and half day

1 Full Day


For 1 Full Day
  • € 300 Half Day

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2 Day CoverageMost Popular


For 2 Full Days
  • € 850 1 Day & 1/2

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3 Day Coverage


For 3 Full Days
  • € 1350 2 Days & 1/2

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Event Photography

Top notch International Conference photographers at your fingertips.  

Award Winning Quality

For your Event in Rome or in Italy.  Show it with wonderful images.

Custom Service

Book the photographer according to your need.  We are flexible to your schedule.

Easy contact information

Drop us a line with all the details and we’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours.  Try us!