Team Members WheretoRome

Portrait photographer

Andrea Matone

Transfer and Tour Coordinator

Andrea will be coordinating transfers and tours. He is also the person to contact for any information on our services.

Who Are We?

WheretoRome is a Rome based travel and tourism website.  Offering elegant and refined services to Rome travelers wanting to distinguish themselves from mainstream tourism.   Or to business related events in Rome. We strive to present fresh and exciting locations, off the beaten track activities, tips and advises that will make your Italian visit one of a kind.  Eat among Italians in local roman spots.  Avoid the crowds. Visit the city away from tour buses and mingle in with the real roman life.  Using the most efficient staff to make it happen and the most creative photographers to help you remember it. 

Our Skills

Punctuality & Courtesy


Cleanliness & Maintenance


English Speaking Drivers


Knowledge of the city


Comfort & Efficiency