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Gala Dinner event photography

Birthday Party at Casina Valadier

An extraordinary event with photography celebrating a birthday party with a one in a kind Gala dinner event taking place at Casina Valadier in Rome Italy. A real photography studio was set up at the base of the stairs leading inside the restaurant. So as to have the guests take pictures with the birthday host in a red carpet setting. Then guests were lead to the inside refreshments and drinks where a second photographer was working to cover the even with a photo journalism approach.
A little later we moved to the upstairs room which has a sweeping view over the city of Rome at sunset. Then the gala dinner began with the photography followed by speeches and toasts. After dinner we headed in the courtyard where a classical music concert with exclusive performers was waiting to start. With two sopranos singing followed by a young band of violinists. Then the gran finale with the birthday cake and the fireworks! Followed by a buffet of dessert, magicians, fortune tellers and other fun activities! A trumpet player concluded the festivity playing music as the guests were heading home at the end of the night.

Group picture of the staff working on the event

Group portrait of the band musicians violinists

Casina Valadier at night dusk

Bar tender preparing drinks for a party

Dinner table setting lit by candle light

Harp player inside picture

Staff welcoming in costumes

Travel photography of Rome Italy seen from above at sunset. Rooftop view. Panoramic and scenic view.

Gala dinner event photography

Waiters ready to serve

Casina Valadier photographed at night

Leaving a light trace in the dark leading to the concert

Guests laughing and enjoying the comedian

Woman opera singer singingViolinists playing

The audience enjoying the showMale tenore opera singer

The wedding cake being brought up to the stage

Photographers taking pictures of the event fireworks

Fireworks in the night sky

Magician trick. Now it's here

Cake and dessert served in a buffet

Magician trick. Now it's not

Music one man band accompaniment the guests to the exit

Gala dinner birthday party
Article Name
Gala dinner birthday party
An extraordinary birthday party event at Casina Valadier followed through the night by a dedicated team of photographers