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Rome Family Photos

In some of the most scenic roman locations

We started the family photography with a minivan pick up from Via Giulia. Heading first to Piazza Navona to capture some nice street images while walking around. Including a brief walk to the Tempietto del Bramante. And browsing through some of the street artist paintings found in the square.
Then heading to Piazza del Campidoglio. With a stunning view over the ancient roman forum from above. A really nice backdrop for family portrait pictures. Then with the aid of the wheretorome Rome by Limo car service we headed over the Roman Colosseum. Ending the family photo session with some stunning pictures overlooking the ancient Colosseum monument in the background.  

Family portrait picture taken in Piazza Navona

Roman Forum group image in front of the ancient city

Posed image by the ancient ruins

Piazza del Campidoglio snapshot

Rome Family Photos at the Colosseum in Italy

Close up picture roman colosseum

Time of the year: August
Time of day: Late morning
Duration: 2 hrs by minivan
Photographer: Gabriele
Pick up Via Giulia | Piazza NavonaRoman Forum & Piazza del Campidoglio | Colosseum
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Taking pictures in Rome
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Taking pictures in Rome
A nice walking photo shoot with the help of a minivan car service to reach some of the most scenic locations
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