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Rome Conference Meeting and Event Photography

A 2 day event in Rome

Starting with stage presentations and discussions taking place at the NH Vittorio Veneto Hotel Rome Meeting and Events. Taking professional pictures of the stage, the different speakers and the audience. Then following smaller groups for more in depth in discussions and focus groups. Using a documentary style photography technique to follow the events as they took place in different locations.
From the Cinecitta’ studios tour which included a vespa ride around the area and a guided tour of the premises. Ending the day with a nice dinner at the Cafè Cinecittà Winter Garden restaurant.
Continuing on the next day with a visit at the Luissen Labs for a Start up presentation. Finishing up the conference photography with some more photos taken at the NH Hotel meeting and events.

People mingling during the coffer break of a congress in a HotelClose up food shot as people wait to begin convention

Hotel hall reception photoSilhouette portrait on stage

Rome Conference Meeting and Event Photography

Speaker explaining concepts on screenMan writing on the phone during a break

Table congress focus groupsConvention attendee networking

Ancient RomeCreative portrait picture

Roman legionCinecitta' studios bar restaurant

People toasting

Gala dinner image

Convention attendees walking in a venue

Portrait picture of a conference speaker

Business conference rear view

Walking in work environment

Man pointing to the screen while talking to a conference audience

Creative conference photography

NH Vittorio Veneto Hotel meeting and Events
Cafè Cinecittà, Winter Garden
Luissen Labs
Other Events photography:
International Congress in Rome
Gala Dinner Events
Business meeting

Here are more business photography session photographed by us

Bill on Vespa

Bill Gates on Red Vespa

| Congress and business | No Comments
Bill Gates portrait session displaying the new Red Vespa model
Speaker explaining concepts on screen

Rome Conference Meeting and Event Photography

| Congress and business | No Comments
A 2-day event of group meetings in various locations in Rome Italy
Light show at the award presentation. Stage light effects

International Congress Photography

| Congress and business | No Comments
Professional photography service following the World Retail Congress in Rome covering events, details, product, stands and all the key moments and speakers
Business meeting convention
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Business meeting convention
A 2-day event of group meetings in various locations in Rome Italy
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