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Full day Photo Tour in Rome

By 15 July 2014July 20th, 2019Photo Tours, Transfer

Fiumicino airport pickup

This full day event in Rome began with a morning airport pick up. Where the driver was waiting for our travelers at Terminal 3 of the Fiumicino airport holding a WheretoRome sign. After loading the luggage in the car we had the whole day ahead of us. So we headed for the city center.

Fiumicino airport car pickup

City sightseeing photo tour

On our way in we decided to stop at Via Piccolomini in Rome where there is a singular view of Saint Peter’s cathedral in the distance. Where there is a peculiar optical effect. The dome seems to get large as you pull away from it which was interesting to see and to photograph. Then we took a quick look at Saint Peter’s square taking some interesting photographs in front of the Basilica and underneath the columns. Our next stop was the Gianicolo water fountain and the beautiful view over the roman rooftops. Love the jump picture!

The photo tour continued to the Roman Coliseum where we tried to avoid the works that are covering a part of the exterior facade. Then a quick drive through Piazza del Campidolgio with the spectacular view over the ancient forum. Taking some pictures also in the square itself. Then we took a shopping break on Via Condotti in the fashion district. There was a nice calm and relaxed sunny atmosphere.

Civitavecchia port transfer

Then it was time to for our transfer to the Civitaveccia port where the cruise ship Europa 2 was waiting for departure. We had some time available to stop for a quick picture by the shore together with the kissing sailor. Here are all the details on the available Civitavecchia Rome shore excursion.

Travelers standing in front of the Saint Peter's dome

Photographing the Cathedral of Saint Peter

Couple pictures taken underneath the columns of Saint Peter's.

Couple kissing by the Gianicolo fountain

Portrait image at the Roman Colosseum

Jumping in the air at Gianicolo over the view of Rome during a photo tour

A view over the roman Forum from Piazza del Campidoglio

Couple sitting down during under the columns of Piazza Campidoglio

Civitavecchia port statue of the kissing sailor. Photo Tours from Civitavecchia Port.

Civitavecchia cruise ship Europa 2

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Rome sightseeing tour
Article Name
Rome sightseeing tour
Flying in at the FCO Fiumicino airport with car pick up headed for a wonderful full day photo tour of Rome. Sightseeing, picture taking and shopping. Then back in the car and off to Civitavecchia for a cruise of the Mediterranean.