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Castelli Romani photo tour

By 23 August 2014July 20th, 2019Photo Tours

Visiting the town of Frascati

The  Castelli Romani Tour started with a convenient car pick up in Rome and a 45 min ride through the south part of the city. Climbing up into the Castelli Romani area we reached the town of Frascati. We began by taking a car ride through the small narrow cobble stone streets to have a sense of the place. We then stopped at the San Pietro cathedral of Frascati to visit a little bit. And then we pulled over by a sightseeing spot overlooking the panorama and the surrounding areas.

Sweeping view over the Castelli Romani area south of Rome

Villa Aldobrandini

We took a nice walk through the gardens and courtyard of Villa Aldobrandini observing all the beauty and enjoying the silence you have up there. With a great view over the town and countryside. Fascinating fountains and of particular interest the geranium flower plants found all around the Villa. On our way out we stopped by the Bacco rock statue for a quick visit and picture.

Villa Aldobrandini a Frascati

Gardens Villa Aldobrandini. Frascati. Italy.

Smelling geranium flowers

Car Photo Tour Castelli Romani

Looking into the Bacco rock carving

The San Nilo Abbey in Grottaferrata

The car driven photo tour continued on to our next stop which was the astounding San Nilo Abbey in Grottaferrata. A Greek Orthodox church built in 1004. With great Byzantine mosaics and a series of renown frescoes. After a nice stroll around we took the car to the Tusculum Park for a visit of the roman amphitheater and the ruins that are being currently excavated. Unfortunately the park was closed so we were only able to see it from the outside. The stroll through the countryside was nonetheless worthwhile with some really beautiful views.

The San Nilo Abbey in the town of Grottaferrata Italy

Interior Abbazzia San Nilo in Grottaferrata

Tusculum archaeological area in the Castelli Romani. Parco del Tuscolo. Italy.

The Nemi lake and the Museum of Roman ships

Before stopping for lunch we went to visit the museum of roman ships found on the shore banks of lake Nemi. An interesting visit even though the real roman ships where not visible as they went lost in a fire back in the 1940s. Our break for lunch was at a characteristic off the beaten track small restaurant overlooking the lake from above.

The roman ship museum in lake Nemi.

Interior view of the museum of roman ships in Nemi

Lake Castel Gandolfo and Town

The Photo Tour ended with a visit of the Castel Gandolfo lake. Viewed from the above town which also contains the Pope’s Vatican summer estate. Then it was a downhill ride back to the Rome city center where the tour ended.

Lago di Nemi. Seen from above.

Time of the year: August
Time of day: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Duration: 7 hrs by car
> Frascati
> Villa Aldobrandini
> San Nilo Abbey in Grottaferrata
> Tusculum park
> Roman ship museum at lake Nemi
> Lunch in the town of Nemi
> Town visit
> Castel Gandolfo

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Photo touring the Castelli Romani
Article Name
Photo touring the Castelli Romani
A Castelli Romani car photo tour taking you through the historical hill towns of Frascati and Grottaferrata. As well as the lake towns of Castel Gandolfo and Nemi.