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Conference Photography Service in Rome

Welcome reception and congress

This was a photographic coverage of a two day conference and meeting event taking place at Kolbe Hotel. Where we started with the welcome reception taking pictures of some of the well displayed foods. Then photographing the attendees at the bar as they arrived and mingled. The congress photos took place the following day in the conference hall. Where speakers alternated their presentations. Taking pictures of the guests listening and the speakers. Including the coffee breaks as guests interacted. And ending the photography service outside with the final group photo in the garden.

macro still life food photography detail

People mingling during a convention

Conference reception inside a hotel

Welcome party drinks and food

Guests talking by the bar

Conference Photography Service in Rome. View from the back of the roomParticipants taking notes and listening

Attendees during a conference break

Close up speaker on stageSpeaker closing session

Conference welcome reception

Time of the year: April
Time of day: Evening and morning session
Duration: 2 day event
Venue: Kolbe Hotel in Rome
Photographer: Andrea

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Editing and post production by WTR

Conference pictures
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Conference pictures
Welcome Reception and Conference Photography Service in Rome Italy. Congress photos of speakers and attendees as well as the reception party coverage. With final group picture outside in the garden
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