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By 23 June 2015June 14th, 2020Photo Tours

Day 1: the ancient city of Rome

This was an epic journey through the ancient city of Rome! Using the wheretorome Rome in a Limo to help out with limited mobility due to a broken ankle! Giving us however the opportunity to reach all the main local attractions in the historical city center as well as the far out off the beaten track places that only locals would know. Or the very informed travelers like the ones we had on board on this excursion!
The Private Car Sightseeing Tour was split on two days and it started with a car pick up from the Hotel Raphael in Rome. Then off to see the Roman Forum from the above Piazza del Campidoglio. Then walking about to see and absorb all the surrounding beautiful views. Swinging around by car to see the Roman Colosseum from a local hillside view. Where we took some photographs zooming in the wild grass making it look like we are back in ancient Rome!  After a quick pizza break we continued on Piazza Trinita’ dei Monti and the Spanish steps taking some nice pictures at the bottom by the Barcaccia water fountain. Love the images taken by the old couple billboard poster! Then after tasting some roasted chestnuts we made our way into Via Condotti. The main fashion district where we were able to see all the latest Italian and international designer trends.  Our last stop on this day was the Gianicolo water fountain with some really great views over the roman rooftops. Including some nice portrait pictures!

Couple visiting the roman forum smiling for the camera

Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius found in Piazza del Campidoglio

View of the Roman Forum from above. Photo tour excursions.

Snapshot image taken at the Roman Colosseum in Rome Italy

Tourist couple sitting down on the barcaccia water fountain at the Spanish steps

Kissing underneath a publicity billboard poster

In love in Rome at the Gianicolo water fountain

Rome rooftop details

Roasted chestnuts on sale

Woman portrait picture

Day 2: Rome and the surroundings

The second day started with an excursion on foot inside the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. A beautiful and relaxing walk among ancient ruins and remains which will throw you back ages imagining how all of this was at its maximum glory. After the forum visit when went straight into the Coliseum which is right next store. Viewing it from the inside is really spectacular as we circumnavigated the structure from one end to the other. Then after descending down to the ground level we were able to observe the details more closely. Just outside a group of roman centurions were waiting for us to take pictures with. Some really fun photos came out! Then it was back in the minivan for a more out of the beaten track tour excursion. Heading out on the ancient Appian road which still stands intact today. Then we closed off by vising the ancient roman acqueduct in Parco Appio Claudio. A beautiful walk which led us to discover all the beauty of this park. Including the fig tree! We then headed back to the Hotel but not before taking the long way back through the Villa Borghese park.

Ancient roman remains found inside the forum

Portrait picture of a couple visiting the Colosseum

Inside the Roman Colosseum

Having fun inside the Coliseum

Roman Centurion battle 1

Centurion battle 2

Arco di Costantino sitting down portrait

Visiting the ancient Appia road

Standing on the old Appia roadway Roman aqueduct photo tour

Minivan car excursion in Rome visiting the outskirts Picking figs from a tree in a park

Portrait photo of a visit at the aqueducts Parco Appio Claudio in Rome

Time of the year: June
Time of day: Full day
Duration: 2 days minivan service with photography
Day 1
> The Roman Forum from outside
> Piazza del Campidoglio
> Colosseum
> Pizza break at a local pizza al taglio
> Trinita’ dei Monti square
> Spanish steps
> Via Condotti
> Fontanone del Gianicolo
> The Roman Forum from inside
> Inside the Colosseum
> Fun with the Gladiators
> the ancient Appian road
> Parco Appio Claudio aqueduct
> Villa Borghese

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Excursion through the city of Rome
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Excursion through the city of Rome
Photo Tour Excursion with full day car service. Hitting all the main landmarks and monuments. And reaching out to the off the beaten track locations to visit and take wonderful pictures souvenirs