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Holiday Photo Shoot

Visiting the city of Rome

The photo tour started with a car pick up from the St. Regis Hotel in Rome. It was a beautiful day to take pictures with a nice late afternoon sun. We stopped first at the nearby Piazza Barberini. Taking some interesting photos of the sun shining through the water fountain drops.

Photo shoot at Piazza Barberini

Sitting down on the Spanish Steps.

The Spanish steps

Soon after we reached Piazza di Spagna and Church Trinita’ dei Monti. Where we took some time to shoot unique pictures. On the terrace with the beautiful view over Via Condotti. Also on the different level stairs which are so characteristic. There were street artists performing tango with nice music in the background. So we sat down a little bit to watch and catch the opportunity to take some more interesting photography. We were also drawn to photograph the shadows on the wall as we were walking down to the Barcaccia water fountain.

Kissing shadows on the wall.

Portrait picture behind tango street artists.

The sweeping view over the rooftops

Our next stop was Parco del Pincio. With a stunning view over the city and the sun slowly setting in the far distance. This created some cool lighting effects. After walking around a little bit we continued onward and as we were driving towards the Colosseum we ran into a really cool store showcase. Which inspired a small photo shoot!
The last stop was at the Roman Colosseum where the session ended  with some posed portraits and some fun yoga poses!

Close up photo with the rooftops in the background.

Portrait picture from a distance taken at Parco del Pincio in Rome

Holiday Photo shoot in front of a store in Rome.

Taking a holiday picture with the Coliseum in the back.

Yoga poses at the Colosseum.

Time of the year: September
Time of day: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Duration: 2 hrs by car
> Piazza Barberini
> Piazza di Spagna
> Parco del Pincio
> Roman Colosseum

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Holiday photo shoot in Rome
Article Name
Holiday photo shoot in Rome
Stunningly beautiful holiday pictures taken in Rome. While visiting the city guided and photographed by our professional photographers. Using a car service to move from place to place.