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By 3 November 2014Photo Tours

With car service in Rome Italy

Starting at the Roman Colosseum and including different prospective on one of Rome’s most iconic landmark. Trying to minimize the crowd’s impact on the photography and favoring locations that are less visited. Like the view from above on the Coliseum also photographed from an inside park nearby.

Person sitting down before the Colosseum

Leaning on a light pole by the Roman Colosseum

Sitting down by the Gianicolo water fountain

The next location was the Gianicolo water fountain with its unique architecture and emerald green water. A great spot to take pictures in as it also provides and incredible view over the city.
Then on our way to the Vatican we stopped over Via Piccolomini which has this truly singular view on Saint Peter’s dome. A strange effect which sees the dome become smaller as you progressively get closer. Bigger and bigger as you pull away!
The we reached Saint Peter’s square which was beautiful as always. With the stunning cathedral in the background and the marble columns which can create such an inspiring shadow effect.

Laying down on a marble bench at the Gianicolo hill.

Sitting down in front of Saint Peter's cathedral

Jumping up in the air with Saint Peter's cathedral in the background during photography tours rome italy.

The photo tour continued with a visit at the Roman Pantheon capturing the light shining on from the hole above. As well as some interesting photographs of the water fountain in front of the monument facade.
Piazza di Spagna was our next stop including images of the lead away lines generated by the view of via Condotti in the far distance. Continuing on to Parco del Pincio with infinite locations to shoot interesting portraits. Lastly a visit in Piazza del Popolo photographed from above. With the beautiful and artistic water fountain below.

Man posing while leaning on a column

Picture portrait taken at the roman Pantheon

Sitting down before the rooftop view of the houses in Rome.

Standing in front of the roman pantheon by the water fountain.

Pincio park visiting picture

Sitting down by the water fountain found at the bottom of Piazza del Popolo

Time of the year: October
Time of day: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Duration: 2 hrs by car
> Roman Colosseum
> Gianiculum hill
> Saint Peter’s square
> Roman Pantheon
> The Spanish steps
> Pincio park
> Piazza del Popolo

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Photo Tour in Rome
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Photo Tour in Rome
A beautiful visit of the most amazing spots together with a professional photographer to bring home stunning pictures of your visit.